Wild Friends – Oats & Nut Butter

From the countertops of their college apartment making peanut butter, to occupying market shelves nationally, Keely and Erika continue to shepherd the Wild Friends business with strong plans to scale and innovate in the food marketspace. With the success of their Nut Butter line and the loyal tribe of consumers they’ve gained since 2011, Wild Friends as a company decided to launch a Nut Butter + Oats line consisting of gluten-free oats, dried fruit, and chopped nuts paired with a single serve packet of their Nut Butter.

Releasing their Nut Butter + Oats line in 2017, Wild Friends approached Farm Design to do a packaging assessment and design revamp. Being the first of its kind, and being fresh to the hot cereal aisle, Wild Friends saw this as an opportunity to re-release a packaging system that fully exuded the friendly nature of their brand, while being able to better communicate a premium on-the-go product with great taste and most importantly the nutritious health benefits found in one cup.

With much research of the marketspace, the final package design leverages the logo mark that has built strong equity with their current consumer base, illustrations and color to enhance flavor appeal, and a brand architecture that ensures scalability for future product line extensions.


Research & Strategy