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Small by design. Collaborative by nature.

What it’s like to

partner with Farm

partner with Farm

At Farm, you’re never far from the work. That’s the beauty of keeping our team small. Nothing gets lost in translation, caught up in red tape, or bottlenecked by layers of bureaucracy. We’re all about transparency and building genuine connections.

Aaron Atchison

Founder & Creative Director

Christine Gonda

Associate Creative Director

Carol Reyes

Design Director

Emma Shipley

Strategist / Senior Designer

Alvin Reyes


Lisa Norlie



We welcome “what ifs.” In fact, we require them. Because the really juicy work doesn’t happen at the surface.

Open Minds

Farm is a safe place for wild exploration. We believe good ideas can come from anyone, anywhere.

Work Ethic

We work smart and hard, always pushing to figure things out. No detail is too small and no challenge is too big.

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