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We’re fueled by curiosity, bravery and coffee in the pursuit of design excellence

We are a collection

of grow-getters

of grow-getters

Our constant pursuit allows us to uncover opportunities within ourselves, our work and for our partners. Our culture embraces a down-to-earth approach, a foundation of team effort and collaboration both internally and with our clients. It makes us, our clients and brands flourish. Thus, Farm. It’s that simple. Really.

Aaron Atchison

Founder & Creative Director

Christine Gonda

Associate Creative Director

Carol Reyes

Design Director

Emma Shipley

Strategist / Senior Designer

Abed Harsono

Designer / Production Artist

Alvin Reyes


Lisa Norlie


Collaborate A Lot

Whether it’s with our design buddies, clients or venders, collaboration is essential for growth and untapping potential. It strengthens bonds and challenges wisdoms. Find your pack, and run with it!

Aim Higher

Change happens when we can get comfortable being uncomfortable. Extending beyond our reach allows us to have a constant pursuit of something greater than ourselves.

Fueled by Curiosity

Results are often the product of hard work and the relentless pursuit of looking past the obvious to find new possibilities. It’s there to reward the brave and curious. Do it for you, your craft and your clients.

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