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Senior Designer

You have demonstrated your ability to lead a project from concept to delivery and have developed your voice in critiques and presentations, demonstrated your ability to craft beautiful and conceptual design, and you are comfortable leading larger parts of different projects at the same time.

As a senior member of the team, you will be expected to take on larger parts of multiple projects and have a stronger voice with both our internal team and our clients. You will be held to a high standard to continue developing while delivering results. You will begin to further mentor other designers and be an integral part of each project you’re on.

  • Intuitively understand software
  • Regularly demonstrate big thinking and attention to detail
  • Begin to lead aspects in cross-functional team
  • Seek opportunities
  • Have an open mind
  • Curious
  • Relentlessly determined and resourceful no matter the obstacle
  • Internally driven – there is a fire in your belly
  • Be able to operate at a high-level in design tasks, understand and contribute strong strategic and copywriting points of view, and demonstrate strong time management skills.
  • Actively lead multiple aspects of the design process ranging from strategy, creative, production and portfolio building
  • Be a strong contributor with a strong voice in critiques
  • Lead portions or entire client presentations
  • Challenge the team with new ideas and bring insight from your own experience