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Junior Designer

This is our entry-level position, it’s a foot in the door and an opportunity to learn while doing. Your job is to be a sponge while applying what you already know to real-world projects. We will be there to guide you so you can build confidence and begin to take on bigger responsibilities.

• Start with a good foundation in Adobe CC
• Have a strong working portfolio that shows big thinking and attention to detail
• Learn to work in a cross-functional team
• Seek opportunities
• Have an open mind
• Curious
• Internally driven – there is a fire in your belly

It’s important to show up hungry to learn and contribute however the team may need you. There is a lot that happens in a design studio and it isn’t all glamorous but it is all important. You will hone your attention to detail and learn how to apply core design principles to your work while gaining an understanding of print production, brand building, writing style guides, preparing presentations and participating in critiques.

• Gain additional software experience and aptitude
• Work across all aspects of the design process ranging from strategy, creative, production and portfolio building
• Actively participate in critiques
• Attend and participate in client presentations
• Challenge the team with new ideas and bring insight from your own experience