Mister O’s

Inspired by the class and nostalgic spirit of the 1950’s, Mister O’s becomes a midcentury modern dining destination for Studio City’s locals as well as devoted foodies alike. Upon entering, you are greeted with a retro pop of the neon sign and the charms of the restaurant’s breeze block walls. But beyond the restaurant’s attractive façade and welcoming ambiance, it’s the character and soul of Mister O (the owner’s father) himself that brings this restaurant’s concept to life. Prior to diving deep into our creative process, collaboration with the Mister O’s team was an essential part in getting to know the brand’s personality. We believe that being able to establish a story behind a brand is what allows restaurant identity projects to be become truly authentic, unique and memorable. It is the story and personality that becomes the driving force in creating meaningful brand voice, touchpoints and most importantly, creating emotional connections with consumers. Within this project, we developed a complete brand system that included: a primary logo that felt personal, secondary marks and patterns for versatility, message points that captured the essence of the 1950s and illustrations for a hint of whimsy.