Come for the food. Stay for the drinks.

Inspired by the class and nostalgic spirit of the 1950s, Mister O’s is a mid-century modern dining destination for locals and foodies alike. Located within the buzzing neighborhood of Studio City, Mister O’s was conceptualized to transport guests into a different world rooted in old world charm. The restaurateurs behind Mister O’s engaged Farm Design to develop a brand system that could re-imagine an era that once was, into something fresh and exciting.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Printed Collateral
  • Illustration
  • Signage

The soul and charisma of this restaurant is carried by the brand muse, Mister O’s himself (the owner’s father). The logo mark was intentionally crafted to take on the look of a personal sign off. Printed brand collateral was an inspirational merge between iconic visuals of Palm Springs and the vibrancy and richness of the 1950s.

Brand Immersion

Creating A New Memory

As guest make their way around the restaurant, it’s the little things they discover that make an experience memorable: The coaster slid across the countertop of the bar, the texture engraved on the menu backing and the dialogue each touchpoint has with every guest.

Brand Artifacts

Old Charm. Modern Spin.

We believe the magic happens when there’s room to play and how design elements interact with each other. Our brand tool box was comprised of a series of pattern work, typography that balanced modern and retro, voice that incorporated slang of the era and an illustration for a dash of whimsy.