Masterfully Aged in Oak Barrels

Maya Alto Tequila is slow roasted, masterfully aged, and embodies purity and a spirit of passion to honor the legend of Mayahuel, also known as the Goddess of Agave. Farm Design crafts Maya Alto after this deeply rooted legend shared by storytellers of Mexico.


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In legends, the Goddess Mayahuel remains most strongly associated with the agave plant. The agave is cultivated in Los Altos de Jalisco and fermented with careful attention to ensure its smooth, exquisite taste. Maya Alto Tequila features her story and celebrates the fine, aged nectar from which tequila is made.

Farm Design retells the legend in a modern light. Mayahuel is depicted harvesting agave for its prized nectar in her well-tended garden. The ovals depict the nurtured soil of Jalisco and the fruitful harvest. Maya Alto disrupts the masculine tequila space with a design that conveys elegance and youthfulness.

The masterful craftsmanship and smooth taste of tequila poured proudly in every glass.

The brand identity is a reflection of Maya Alto’s approach to tequila: honoring its deep roots, careful attention to detail, and superior quality. From Tequila Blanco to the complex aromatic Tequila Anejo, Maya Alto carries with it the profound legend and is served with sophistication and a hint of whimsy.