Big Island Coffee – Espresso Bites

We all know the simple pleasure of a decadent chocolate bar – but have you ever tried an espresso bar? Made with 100% Ka’u coffee beans, these Espresso Bites delight with a smooth texture and a jolt of energy. After hearing about these unique treats, we were excited to partner with Big Island Coffee Roasters to help elevate their brand to the next level. With a growing demand for their coffee products, B.I.C.R. saw that it was the perfect time to explore a packaging system that is more sophisticated, sustainable, and scalable. Our solution was to embrace and capture the origin of their coffee farm and roastery located in the captivating landscape of Puna, Hawaii. Through research and strategy to the final packaging design, we developed a brand system that captured the tale of their island dwelling. Just picture it: wild feral pigs roaming the hills, beautiful native flora that enhances the ecosystem, and the volcanic rock that adds a rich dimension to the roots of their coffee.


Research & Strategy