We are Grow Getters

Rise and shine! Each day starts with us asking “How can we create growth?”. This constant pursuit allows us to challenge and find opportunities within ourselves, our work and for our clients.

Our Name

A lot has changed since Farm Design was founded in 2000. Our clients’ needs have grown in complexity, and the range of sectors we’ve worked in now stretches far and wide. But you know what’s never changed? Our down-to-earth approach. It makes brands flourish. Thus, Farm. It’s that simple. Really.

Our Place

Historically a cultural destination and a hard-working hometown, Old Town Pasadena is the place we set up shop. We’ve made a space that’s fresh, new and all our own amid the Fish Building’s Art Deco details. Drop by anytime.

Our Core Values

Aim Higher

Change happens when we can get comfortable being uncomfortable. Extending beyond our reach allows us to have a constant pursuit of something greater than ourselves.

Collaborate... a lot

Whether it’s with our design buddies, clients or venders, collaboration is essential for growth and untapping potential. It strengthens bonds and challenges wisdoms. Find your pack, and run with it!

Embrace Your Uniqueness

It’s important to tell the real story, your story. You need to look inward and define the values that you live by, even if they’re different from what the rest of the world expects. You can’t be perfect, so just be yourself and trust that you’ll attract the right people.

Seek Opportunities

Results are often the product of hard work and the relentless pursuit of looking past the obvious to find new possibilities.  It’s there to reward the brave and curious. Do it for you, your craft and your clients.

Aaron Atchison

Founding Creative Director

Aaron is the creative director and founder of Farm Design. With over 20 years experience in graphic design, he has inspired a wide range of award-winning branding projects that engage and connect. Having lived and worked on a farm in rural Montana, Aaron has implemented similar values of strategic foresight and hard work to each project. When not designing, he can be found surfing or seeking the perfect breakfast burrito.

Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great

Bryan Condra

Associate Creative Director

Christine Gonda

Art Director

Day to day, Christine strives for versatility and takes each project as a challenge to her inner design chameleon. Her projects are recognized on The Dieline, IdN Magazine, and in curated galleries on Behance. Her career traces back to a stint as an avid colorist of color books in preschool. Although she was also a pro living-room basketball player.

Nicole Armstrong

Senior Designer

Nicole’s talents brought her straight to Farm Design from the Graphic Design program at Azusa Pacific University. She finds it rewarding to translate wild imaginings into tangible forms, and she finds her inspiration from the wild outdoors. On any given weekend you’ll find her rock climbing, running, hiking or backpacking.

Never cease to nourish your curiosity

Carol Reyes

Creative + Project Manager

Carol graduated magna cum laude from California State University, Northridge with a concentration in graphic design and illustration. She dabbles into different styles of illustration, and utilizes techniques she’s learned to help give a brand its unique personality. Known for her cheerful personality, you may catch her laughing by herself as she works. You’ll be sure to find Carol either burying herself in books or tearing up the dance floor when she’s not honing her design skills.

Tommy Negrete


Ruvini Wijesekera


Less, but better.

Alvin Reyes


Lisa Norlie


A Los Angeles native, Lisa graduated from Cal State Northridge with a Business Administration degree and followed it up with 15 years in accounting and human resources (much of that spent in the not-for-profit sector). She likes to hike, run and spend time at the beach. She also somewhat secretly loves doing cartwheels, which she thinks everyone should try. It might make you happy.

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