The Pursuit of Quality Fashion Excellence

Founded on generations of knowledge and established for over three decades, Via Saviene’s endless pursuit of perfecting the art of jewelry stands at the fore front of their business.

With the anticipation of launching their first retail line in the fine fashion jewelry industry, Via Saviene found that their current branding did not represent the core of their brand essence and lacked a story of quality craftsmanship and celebrating individuality. So, it was a time to take a step back and refocus their efforts in producing a branding system that would hold true to their story.


  • Brand Research & Strategy

  • Photography Art Direction

  • Brand Identity System

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Website Design

  • Printing/Vendor Management

  • Packaging Design

Brand Assessment and Recognizing Challenges

Prior to launch and engagement with Farm Design, Via Saviene had done some foundational groundwork in terms of marketing collateral. Boxes had been printed, hours had been put into photoshoots and website was ready to go live. But with much question and concern in getting the branding just right, Farm was brought in to make a diagnosis of Via Saviene’s current strengths, weaknesses and where improvements can be implemented.

Working collaboratively with the Via Saviene’s team, we were able to set a roadmap and recalibrate an aim that would be able to tap into the emotional aspect of the brand as a whole. We challenged them with a few questions and received valuable answer that were rooted from: “Who is Via Saviene?” “Who needs to know?” “How will they find out?” “Why should they care?”. Below are the following challenges assessed with their current packaging:

  • Existing Logo

    Logo lacked refinement and did not resemble a brand that carried luxury jewelry of cutting edge design.

  • Existing Packaging

    Packaging lacked brand presence, and did not create distinction amongst the sea of elevated, well established brands in the market.

  • Existing Photography

    Photography tone was too serious, static, stark, unapproachable and was an overall disconnect to the personality and tone of Via Saviene.

  • Existing Website

    Website needed to tell more of the brand’s story through meaningful voice coupled with proper product and lifestyle images.

“At the core of our brand is a story about an individual’s pursuit of quality fashion excellence.”

– Via Saviene

client’s vision of success

Via Saviene’s overall vision is Celebrating Individuality. They wanted to communicate that their jewelry was more than just an add on to your daily wardrobe. They envisioned their handcrafted collections to have the impact of being able to tell your personal story through stylistic expression; an expression that combines qualities confidence, being fashion-forward, dynamic and aspirational.

Getting Acquainted with the Industry and Leveraging Opportunities

Assessing the Competitive Landscape

A key factor in creating any successful brand is understanding who the competition is and uncovering a market gap that your brand can fill. Through our comprehensive research and analysis, we assessed established existing brands in the market and studied target demographics, product, distribution, price point, sales, and design aesthetic.

Market Gaps and Opportunities

  • Offering quality fine-fashion jewelry at an affordable price.
  • A jewelry brand with a distinctive brand voice.
  • An opportunity to redefine personalization.
  • A brand with purpose & social awareness.
  • Full consumer engagement that is approachable and genuine.
  • Breaking out of the homogenous black boxes of every other jewelry brand.

“A key factor in creating any successful brand is understanding who the competition is and uncovering a market gap that your brand can fill.”

– Aaron Atchison, Creative Director, Farm Design

Understanding the Modern Woman

Getting to Know the Modern Woman

As the modern woman being Via Saviene’s primary target demographic, we first wanted to immerse ourselves into the psyche of the being a female and being able to understand what motivates her to act. Another important aspect we wanted to touch base on was understanding the modern woman’s journey in society and how she got to where she is today.

Our findings demonstrate that the modern woman is a force of nature. She is curious, well rounded, constantly on the go and in constant state of curating her own individual opinions and philosophy along the way. How she addresses her appearance is a reflection of who she is. And lastly she is strong, independent, passionate, driven and exudes confidence.

Brand Archetypes

  • The Advocate
  • The Artist
  • The Companion

“The Via Saviene brand is rooted in Design & Manufacturing.”

Aaron Atchison, Creative Director, Farm Design

Project Goals

  1. Pay homage to the characteristics of the modern woman
  2. Integrate transparency and tell a craftsmanship/artisanal story
  3. Develop a strong brand system that resonates
  4. Curate the proper tone for brand voice
  5. Demonstrate distinction in the marketplace
  6. Create a harmonious balance between lifestyle and product photography

Brand Identity fuels recognition, amplifies differentiation, and
makes big ideas and meaning accessible.

Concepting and Creating Visual Opportunities

From the valuable information gathered from our research, the next approach in initiating our creative process is uncovering visual opportunities that align with the overarching brand essence. Our brandscape exercise is an important segment of our concepting stage as it allows us to explore and push the limits in creating unique brand looks. With a set of brandscapes we are able to provide our clients with a range, or as we like to call a visual barometer. With a narrowed focus on a single brandscape, we can establish foundational design elements such as color, hierarchy and type.

Crafting an Identity with Precision and Personality

Via Saviene was in need of obtaining a mark that would best represent and define who they are in the fine fashion jewelry industry. Their new identity needed to evoke a sense of confidence, polished elegance and simplicity.


Via Saviene’s jewelry showcases a strong sense of structure inspired by classic architectural cues, and the concept of the Via Saviene woman; a bold multifaceted woman who is dynamic, aspirational and fashion forward. By taking their signature geometric shapes and the ideas that inspired them, we were able to create pattern swatches to integrate as part of the brand system.

Illustrations That Tell A Story

In conjunction to the cutting edge and geometric forms, we’ve crafted hand drawn illustrations to communicate the technicality of their craftsmanship and manufacturing process, as well as bringing some depth and complexity to the brand toolbox.

Capturing The Story of Via Saviene


Farm Design was involved in communicating directly with the Via Saviene team and photographer on the day of the photoshoot. We collaborated and offered guidance on product and model composition to ensure versatility for both printed collateral and digital platforms. We were also in direct communication with the photo editor, to ensure quality and uniformity in color and tone.

The Via Saviene Woman

A main source of inspiration for selecting the proper models, derived from various fashion bloggers. They captured a certain essence that parallel to the Via Saviene, modern woman. Those women portrayed the following:

  • Confidence

  • Effortless Beauty

  • Relaxed, Not Overdone

Lookbook Curation

Another component of the Via Saviene brand was curating a look book that demonstrates the versatility of the jewelry. They wanted to pique interest of consumers by showcasing daily events that a modern woman experiences: She can be causal and minimal, professional and refined, athletic but still delicate, and fun with a side of chic.

“Working alongside Farm during the process of our lookbook curation and photography showed an extremely successful collaboration and partnership.”

– Ashley Won, Brand Manager, Via Saviene

How Do You Stand Out in a Sea of Black Boxes

Through our observation and gathered data of high fashion jewelry packaging, black was the most utilized color in the marketplace; as it commonly represents sleek and elevated brands. Our challenge for Via Saviene was to shift their focus in redefining their unique style of sophistication.

Leveraging Digital Avenues to Grow the Business and Building a Loyal Tribe

Website Design

As we all know, the influential impact of social media and digital platforms have become today’s primary diver in helping build successful brands. Websites, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have created avenues for essential consumer to business engagement.

Today’s Via Saviene website is an integration of rich imagery curated with personable messaging that communicate the quality of their collections and lay and opportunity for each consumer to recognize and celebrate their individuality in an authentic way. This immersive site is also able to bring the brand to life at the touch of any digital device, from desktop to mobile. Through its responsive design, consumers are able to explore Via Saviene with convenience and walk and shop alongside the journey of the multifaceted aspirational woman. During the development of the website, Farm Design was in direct communication with Via Saviene’s developer from start to finishing, ensuring a smooth and seamless process.

A Well Strategized Brand Brings Real Results

As an emerging brand, Via Saviene has transitioned into quickly being recognized by the press.