Califia Farms Barista Blend

Farm Design partnered up with Califia Farms for the launch of their new Barista Blend Almondmilk product. This new addition to the Almondmilks family was especially formulated just for Baristas. Spotted behind the counter of coffee shops, this Barista Blend is now available in grocery stores and a few local cafés. This product brings in the perfect amount of cream to both your iced or hot lattes. Among their Almondmilks, the Barista Blend was created for a harmonious pairing for the Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee. The final result features a minimal white package design that leverages the use of typography and custom iconography.



Now we can all be kids again with the new ice cream truck, Recess. We were very excited to be approached by a well-known food truck owner to develop a concept for a new ice cream truck. After a lot of research (and sampling), we came up with an idea that put a smile on everyone’s face. With everything from kid-inspired doodles and bright colors to guerilla hopscotch marketing and old-school wooden spoons, the Recess ice cream truck truly makes you feel like a kid again.


Make It Pop

We created a fun and delicious promotional piece to keep our clients cool during the scorching California heat. We were trying to think of something our clients would eat up that uniquely captures the essence of the summer season. The result was a fresh, fun promo item featuring locally produced popsicles. The overall promo concept is simple: let the popsicles be the star. A cohesive system was created using a white foam cooler, our signature “Farm Design Blue,” bold modern graphics, cheeky copy and sophisticated printing techniques. Special thanks to Clear Image Printing and Sweet Clementines Popsicles.


Espresso Republic

We took the Espresso Republic brand to the next level with a new branded system of consumer goods and brand touchpoints including coffee bags, a trade show booth, coffee sample tubes, van wrap and company website.

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Gypsy Blue

Gypsy Blue approached Farm Design to rebrand their identity and the packaging system for their therapeutic body and home care products formulated to help reduce stress and physical tension.


Grand Bay

Cane juice is one of the most widely consumed beverages in tropical areas throughout the world. With cane juice finally making its way to America, Farm Design was approached to create a unique brand that captures the essence of the white sandy coastal beaches of Mauritius and a design that pays homage to the long-lost dodo bird.


Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee

Farm Design partnered up with Califia Farms for the launch of their new Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee product. This beverage is uniquely crafted to ensure a quality taste that can be customized within the convenience of your own home. Standing with Califia Farms’ well-established Almondmilk line, the Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee brings in the smooth, bold taste that coffee lovers are looking for. The final result features packaging design made to stand out on shelves using typography and a bold, black base with a pop of Califia red.



Highlands: helping men navigate stench since 2015. This line of skin and hair care is designed just for young men with an active lifestyle. Using earthy colors and wood textures, Highlands appeals to a raw sense of outdoorsmanship without relying on a desperately macho design.

Farm Design created a full brand system to speak to men’s outdoor and rugged sensibilities. The brand voice and essence was executed across various consumer touchpoints including: packaging, in-store display, advertising and social media.