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Eve Hansen

As one of the top selling brands on, Eve Hansen offers natural skincare products for an affordable price. Eve Hansen partnered with Farm Design to refresh their packaging and brand assets. Farm Design developed a brand system that can be applied to packaging across multiple product lines.


Rust Espresso

With today’s growing 3rd wave coffee movement, Rust Espresso continues to elevate coffee connoisseurship to a different level. Farm Design leveraged the brand focus on its strong heritage and local Buffalo, NY roots. Brand touchpoints include logo, brand voice, consumer packaging, coffee bag packaging and retail store signage.

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Fytt was born with the idea of feeding your skin with healthy foods the way that you nourish your body. In taking advantage of today’s juicing trend, Fytt turned the idea inside out by developing a skincare line using what gives you internal benefits, externally.

Fytt’s brand mission is to provide the health-conscious active individuals with the most healthy and nutritious body products to complement their lifestyle. Fytt then partnered with Farm Design to create and establish a brand that encompasses each pillar of their company: healthy, active and stylish.

The completed branding system included bottle label designs for the launch of their first 3 SKUs, a custom ecommerce shipping box, printed marketing material, a set of curated photos and a responsive website.



Volcanic lava ash cooled over thousands of years, blended with soil yields some of the richest landscapes in the world for diverse agriculture to thrive. The foothills of Mount Vesuvius is known for producing what many consider the most exquisite tomatoes in the world — San Marzano tomatoes. LAVA is carefully handcrafted in small batches using a unique blend of premium spices to ensure a perfect balance of taste, quality, and texture.


Queen Bee

We partnered up with Queen Bee Salon and Spa when they began in a converted garage nestled next to a beautiful, bee-filled English Garden in Los Angeles. Since their launch in 2000, we have worked closely with Queen Bee Salon and Spa through their expansion to multiple locations and their introduction of their “Garage Wax” product line.